Thursday, July 15, 2010


Arrived Miami today and made our way to the Amerijet warehouse. It was brutally hot outside and I ended up climbing over a chain link fence because the entrance was on the other side of it and this city is damn inhospitable to pedestrians!
But it is an amazingly diverse city culturally. Dominican, Cuban, Haitian were the most prevalent that I encountered today.

I tried to take some photos of the warehouse, but the security guard didnt take too kindly to it.

Note the dude in the fork lift behind him. He seemed particularly unpleased with the photo action. What's the big secret? Are they hiding alien airships in there?

We got the air bill and got out of there and entered back out into the inferno to take a city bus to Kara's friend's house.

It was like an oasis inside. Her friend Hugo is a total sweetheart.
I am currently Super Tired.
Fly to Port Au Prince in the morning. ................
Been feeling an increasing anxiety as we get closer to entering the country. Interesting to witness my own reaction to this stress. The prospect of entering a devastated country has brought up feelings of insecurity within myself, giving me an increasing awareness to all the material objects I have become accustomed to "needing" This surprises myself because I believe myself to be a person pretty comfortable living without alot of material comforts.
I can only imagine how much greater this would be with people who are accustomed to a more extravagant lifestyle. It's a matter of relativity, Einstein.
For example, right now I am kicking myself because I left my trusty canon rebel behind in favor of this little tiny canon elf to document the trip with. It's ridiculous and coming from such a privileged mentality. Yet there it is. My artistic self wants my beautiful digital SLR.
Good thing this is not the only trip i will be taking to Haiti.

There is a wicked thunder storm happening outside. I am enjoying the air conditioned room.

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