Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Today we visited and orphanage named D'Orea.
They dont need shelter urgently. The kids were adorable.

Our shipment is still in Customs We were able to get connected to the best customs broker in the country and we will be receiving the shipment tomorrow morning at Grassroots United base. It cost us about $760 in fees.

Kara has been working really hard doing physical labor while I am visiting orphanages and customs officials and generally getting my mind blown in every way possible seeing poverty at a level I have never seen in my entire life

Compost lesson at GRUB

Earthship construction at GRUB
Ladies layin concrete for the container house
This is the container building that Give Love Foundation is building at GRUB (grassroots united base)
this is the 60 foot geodesic dome at Grassroots United base which is going to be a warehouse for medical supplies and food distribution.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that our shipment arrives in the morning!
We need to get to work!!


  1. Checkin' in on you, sister!

  2. Hi Jen! I'm thinkin about you!
    big love to you, sissy