Thursday, July 8, 2010

Donayson pou Orfelina

Today was a landmark day. No, I am not talking about the forum.

Today was a milestone in this project. More accurately, today was a stepping stone to a mile marker. Tomorrow is the Real Milestone. The shipment is being picked up between 1pm and 3pm by Atelier 4's truck to bring it to Miami! This local art handling company is doing this completely gratis. That is spanish for free, folks. They usually handle Sotheby's. We aint no Sotheby's darlin' but they will be carrying precious cargo. Precious in the sense that so many people have had a hand in making this project a reality!

and it is clearly a reality. unless i am hallucinating.

Today was magic. It all came together so well. No stress today. Just people showing up and doing what they had time and energy for and as soon as they were leaving to continue their days, another person with just the right skill set would show up and finish another puzzle piece. David was there to borrow a fork lift from the neighbors to get the newly arrived DOME COVERS all packed up on a palette, up onto the loading dock and he brought it upstairs on the much coveted (today) freight elevator.

The people at Sperry Sails really kicked some serious ass on getting these ten dome skins made in record time. Not only did Matt Sperry prioritize this project to get it done in time, but he and his crew worked over time to get it done AND he gave us a very significant discount on the labor. They are outstanding and I am so lucky to have found them. Thanks Matt!!

We grabbed lunch at our new favorite spot, Yummus Hummus and both had their homemade falefel sandwhich with feta cheese. Really was Yum, although the name I feel on the fence about, the food and atmosphere is top of the line. GO eat there if you are in Bushwick! They are around the corner from Stagg on Waterbury

Evan came and met up with us for lunch and perfectly had a truck with him so we could pick up from the Bushwick Trailer Park some of the vinyl I had left over from the beginning of the project. There was a film crew shooting a film at their space today..If you are a film maker they rent their totally unique space out for just under 5 a day. Contact Hayden at if you are interested.

Evan powered out 15 bundles of struts in just over an hour. Good work! Nice guy, gets it.
We talked about how much energy and money people spend on Burningman Projects, just for 7 days of getting stoned. Imagine how much could be accomplished for good in the world if even ten crews of those die hard burningman people did relief work or environmental clean up. That's where Burners Without Borders got their start. You may remember them from the relief efforts after hurricane Katrina. Or the devastating hurricane years ago in Peru. Pisco Sin Fronteras. They've done some truly incredible work. They supported us early on in this project with an $800 grant. One of their spin off organizations, Grass Roots United, is our partner in Haiti. They are an official Haitian Organization now. If you want to volunteer with either organization and have your mind blown in all sorts of essential ways, go to their website and fill out their volunteer questionnaire here.

Before Evan left, Greg Henderson showed up to build a proper palette/crate to hold all 2500lbs of struts! He rocked it out and then tagged that shit. Good work Jersey Hammer approved Thanks Greg. The struts fit perfectly, which I took as something akin to a miracle. Like a sighting of the virgin mary in the sidewalk cracks.Totally inexplicable!

Then Evan left and he wasn't gone but five minutes when Hayden showed up. He began powering out the bundles of struts and then suddenly Liam was there with a whole posse of Bushwick Trailer Park kids with enthusiastic energy .

We got that shit packed, stacked, ratchet strapped and shrinkwrapped! We got it stenciled and penciled and ready to fly.

yes i am totally sweaty and grimy.

Liam, Chad and I discuss the best way to pack the tools and matts. We decided to give them a palette of their own.

David showed up a little later, a bit miffed at the freight elevator shenanigans at 3rd Ward. He put the finishing touches on the travel case, adding a latch for the lock and closure.

In the meantime I was going a bit stencil happy. I stenciled Joe on some crates. You'll see photos of it tomorro. Joe is my cat.

I didn't take enough photos today, so I have none of Greg or Hayden or Evan. But they really exist,

Check back tomorrow for more, better photos of the 5 piece shipment.

Thanks Y'all. No, I'm not southern, just like to talk fancy sometimes.

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