Friday, July 9, 2010

dom pou ayiti

The Dome Project is on the road, thanks to Atelier 4. They came to 3rd Ward around 2:25pm to pick up the shipment. I had been putting the last minute touches on the crates, labeling them, adding the packing list. Writing on them in Creole. "Ed Imanite" is not a dude's name, it's Haitian Creole for "Humanitarian Aid"

The guys had a pretty big truck and they came around to the loading dock on the side street and started to work to get it lined up right to wheel the stuff on. Suddenly a cop appeared. I never see cops on this street. Why today? It was a little irritating. He was threatening to ticket us with a hefty fine if we didn't "move it, now" I tried to reason with the dude, told him it would only be a matter of minutes, but he wasn't haven it. He was not at all interested in why we were doing what we were doing. He was forcefully enforcing a law that you cant block a street. Apparently people should spend however long it takes and however much money it requires to get a permit to back a truck up to a loading dock for five minutes on a side street in Brooklyn. This seems quite unreasonable to me. So I went to the corner business, a marble business and asked to borrow their fork lift. The dude was sitting behind the desk in an air conditioned office, smoking a cigar and looking like the godfather. "What is the shipment for?" he asked me. I said "shelter for orphans in Haiti" he said, "Shelter?" I said "Shelter" He said "Go in the back and look for Juan" and took a long pull on his cigar, looking tough as hell. I went into the warehouse and was surrounded by row after row of marble slabs. All was quiet. The fork lift was sitting there like a pet dog. I called out "Juan? Juan?" and someone answered "Juan? Juan?" I told him his boss said he could help us with the fork lift and he smiled revealing a few gold teeth. I really ought to get a gold tooth. That is a hot look. here is the mafia dude, i asked him his name but promptly forgot it. oh, how I long for my short term memory! So Juan drove the fork lift down a half block to 3rd Ward's loading dock. Where Winston and I had a conversation over a stack of dome skins about Buckminster Fuller. I asked him if he was a fan of Bucky and he said, not really but he likes him and recently heard a story about him. He told me that Buckminster Fuller wanted to write a book about the theory of relativity but the "authorities" told him that he was not allowed to. That only Einstein and some other dude, "you know, that other dude" were allowed to write about that topic. So Bucky contacted Einstein and asked permission and Einstein was like, "sure, go ahead, dude" and so Bucky wrote a really fantastic book about it. I need to read that book. Everything seems so relative to me lately. I mean it, everything is turning out to be connected in obscure ways. Anyway, Juan helped Winston, Mike and the other guy who I forgot his name, load up the truck down on the corner of Morgan and Stagg and I gave Juan a hefty tip and he went back to the marble slab warehouse riding on the fork lift with his gold teeth bouncing around in his mouth. A fork lift is a damn handy thing to have! The dudes from Atelier 4 loaded it all up and gave me high fives ( yes, I still do that. I'm a dork) and wished me luck in Haiti and drove off to bring them to Miami!

I walked away feeling like I just had two tons of weight lifted off of my shoulders. I was kind of in a daze, laughing and crying. Thanks for reading!!

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