Saturday, July 17, 2010

Grass Roots United

We are in Port Au Prince!
Will write more about the gorgeously insane chaos that is the port au prince airport later
Started today at 5:45 am at the Grass Roots Base aka GRUB
This place is awesome, the staff is irreverent, funny, smart and on point.
There is a good mixture of Haitians and an International vibe, Americans,, French, Aussie and English........
They have a 60 ft dome! And a 20 ft. A composting outhouse and an earth ship
they are currently building a great container house with two containers that will be connected with a roof between.
The food is rather......... well never mind about that. The cook is a sweetheart. I am the only vegetarian staying here.
There is literally a hole in the cinder block wall in the back of the compound where you can buy beer, soda and cold water. It's sort of a mystery to me, I haven't bought anything from the hole yet. Kara came back with a 7-up last night, smiling saying there is a little girl on the other side.
Today we are taking a trip over to customs to suss it out.
Then I am going to the first orphanage to do a site survey. Kara is cutting rebar in the back with our awesome angle grinder. oh yea.

on personal note, I took my second malaria pill this morning on an empty stomach. Not a good idea. I almost lost my cookies. I hate when that happens. :)

I feel GREAT and totally excited and happy to be here I dont think I will ever come back to Brooklyn.

I'll try to write more this evening

peace out
brooklyn represent