Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wizard's Beard

After some thought, Kara and I have decided that to liven up the dome covers a bit, we will have the kids paint bright flowers on them. That way, they will be engaged in the creating of the space that they will live in. I think the best way to get them inspired to want to paint the flowers is to just start painting them on ourselves and act as though it's the grown ups job to do it. They will probably be shy and if we come on too strong and say, "you kids are going to paint flowers on the domes" they might begrudgingly agree to do what the american ladies want them to do. But if we just start painting awesome huge bright flowers on them, they will probably shyly ask if they can paint too. The ones that want to paint will come and ask.
We will let them paint their own flowers! They will be crooked and imperfect and beautiful. The domes will become more theirs when they are done.

This is the last week coming up for us to gather all our materials for Haiti. I am scrambling like a bunch of eggs getting ready for a fryin' pan.

My to do list is as long as a wizards beard. Seen any wizards lately? No? That's because Baby Gramps left town already and we aint in Vermont or Washington anymore Toto.

I'm excited but filled with anxiety that we will forget to bring some essential item.

I've consulted with the dome experts at the Dome Guys again and he has instructed me in the best methodology of packing struts for international shipments. We have to re-pack all of the struts we packed up months ago because they have to be packed into smaller, more manageable bundles. We will be packing them in sets of 10's and 5's with shrink wrap, then going over that with some sturdy strapping tape. and then ratchet strapping them en masse upon a sturdy palette. We will reinforce the palette because all together, those struts, 370 of them, weigh 2500lbs! That's more than a ton, folks.

I know this is fascinating to read about. Just imagine all the stuff I am not writing on this blog and you'll be way more entertained.

thanks for reading, y'all. If y'all are reading between the lines, good job.

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