Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dome Covers!

We finally have photos of the domes with the covers on them!! Thanks to Sperry Sails!
This has been a long time coming. We are almost done with the first phase of the project!
We will be receiving the dome covers by monday or tues of next week and instantly turning around and shipping them to Miami to put them on acargo plane to Haiti.
The colors are terra cotta and khaki. We got the fabric at a huge discount, more than 2/3 off the regular price because they were "aged inventory" meaning no one was buying certain colors. I think they will blend in better than white would have. White looks so new. These are the color of bricks.

Here are a couple shots of the people working on them up in Massachusetts....

Another shot of the Sperry Sail Factory:

Last night Kara and I took some struts for a walk around bushwick. It was like walking a dog. We had to make some replacement struts because of damaged struts from some over enthusiastic party goers who bent the hell out of one of the domes. They were large, drunken guys doing pull ups and various calisthenic exercises upon them. We brought the struts to Jay's metal shop up the street from 3rd Ward. He is the co-owner of Yummus Hummus which is a great new cafe on Waterbury Street. You should all go there and enjoy some of their wonderful home made food! They make ice cream! Thanks Jay, you are awesome.

we took turns, why should one person have all the fun with fido?

this is the hydraulic press at Jay's shop:

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