Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I want my MTV

I got confirmation today of the donation of vinyl from MTV. They said I could come pick it up on the 15th of March. Anyone want to give me a lift in their truck?

I got confirmation of the heat welder donation today, but still need a good location to fabricate the covers inside of. I am hoping to go visit Bushwick Trailer Park tomorrow as well as speak to the 3rd Ward directors about using the second floor of their building on Morgan in the meantime before they demolish it. It would be cool to use that space because it would be easier to make the frames downstairs and then build the covers upstairs. Not to mention that I have some friends who are working in that building :) However, friends are everywhere.

I want to be getting more done and faster, however, health issues are slowing me down a little bit. I messed up my back at work the other night on a load out and am getting some chiropractic work done. Also I have something very serious happening on Friday that I dont really want to talk about in public.

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