Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Today was another spectacular weather day. I rode over to Manhattan on my bike to open a bank account for Domes for Haiti.

I went back to Brooklyn and brought the vinyl I have over to the Bushwick Project for the Arts. They are good folks over there, willing to allow me full access to their space to work in. I measured out another pentagon to use as a pattern for more, and then realized I dont have enough vinyl yet to complete one cover. MTV is supposed to be giving me a large amount of it on the 15th, but in the meantime, I need more!

So tomorro I will get on the phone to some scenic companies to see if I can find another source. I will also be going tomorrow evening in Clyde, Elizabeth's truck, to pick up two heat welders from Mitch on 75th st. Yes, Elizabeth's truck's name is Clyde.

Tonight a new volunteer, our first off of craigslist turned up and turned out to be a total gem. Jim and I cut up the first batch of conduit pipe to size and ground down the ends to make them pretty.

Next step is taking them to Zach's shop in Greenpoint to smoosh the ends in his hydraulic press. I am having a challenging time finding access to trucks. I am thinking I could probably carry that shit on my xtracycle. I mean, my bike can carry 500 lbs, right? So what's 100 lbs of conduit pipe? con do it= can do it, afterall.

I had an offer today to be the subject of an MTV reality tv show. I asked the producer, "how much does it pay?" and she said, oh we dont pay, but it's great exposure. I wonder if this nice woman is also working for the exposure? How does one pay the rent on exposure?

peace out, thanks for reading.

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