Saturday, March 6, 2010

build this week.....

We are getting ready to start building this week. If you want to volunteer a few hours in the metal shop at third ward please let me know. Email me at

I've got the key for the Bushwick Project for the Arts. Will go check it out Monday or Tuesday to set up the workspace for the covers.

Still looking for funding to buy the conduit pipes needed. $250 per dome.

If I can't get enough funding, I will be using reclaimed conduit pipe from the yard next to the Ferry boat. That pipe is only 3/4 inch though and it's not as strong as the 1" pipe. Also exploring the possibility of using old scaffolding from the same place. It would be alot more work to carry those heavy scaffolds over from across the street to third ward, but it's a potential free source.

I'm a little distressed by certain companies who seem to be using the disaster in Haiti to bolster their sales. Wonder what people's opinions are about getting paid to do disaster relief. Shouldn't it be volunteer work so that any moneys donated go directly to supplies to help the survivors rebuild?

The guy at the electrical supply place said he has two generators that he wants to send to Haiti. I have to remember to go by there and talk to him, see if we can ear mark them for the orphanages.

Spoke with Suncere today about sending the first dome to his project near port au prince. Sounds like he is doing some good work for kids....

That's all for now, I had a little pause in work on this project because I am recovering from a surgery I had yesterday, but should be back on track by Monday.
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