Sunday, March 14, 2010

a really good sunday

Fao le bello
Make a beautiful thing.

I had a great sunday, got called into work last minute, which was fine with me. Went and had a great time with the guys at work as per usual.

Later I got a little morose riding home through mid town gazing at all the vapid billboards advertising sweaty looking models humping each other on sandy beaches. I was sorely tempted to scale the side of one or two of them and rip them down to make domes out of them. I found myself actually studying the backs of them to see how exactly they are attached. They look quite easy to take down, nothing that a nice pair of dykes couldn't handle.

I went to a sending off party for my friends and it was sweet. The thing about community is everyone eggs each other on, you yak with your friends about projects and people give you ideas, people help you clarify your goals and ideas by just listening to you. People make connections for you to other organizations that are doing similar things. Its a beautiful thing. I love my community even the douchebags that are laughing that Lopi wants to send every thing to Haiti.
It's true. I do. I am making fun of myself for the same thing. At work today there was a ginormous sheet of plastic on the stage. I wanted to send that to Haiti as well. And some bicycles and some bike powered generators and some good old fashioned DIY freaks too.

Thing is the more deep I get into this thing, the more I feel nonplussed about the art world. More about that later. I have to go email Sean Penn.

peace out, mulch love you douches

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