Monday, March 22, 2010

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Working on finding funding today. I am going to buy another batch of conduit pipe to build another frame. I would prefer to buy all the conduit at once and give it to the manufacturer all at once, but the money is just trickling in so slowly, I have no choice.

What we need:


A heat sealer for vinyl or use of one - Does anyone know someone who works in a factory or a school that may have one of these machines? Fabricating the protoype for the covers is totally stalled because I am trying to solve this problem. I have someone who can cut all the vinyl into the pattern pieces. I just need the machine to weld the vinyl together. One that even ladies can operate.

mosquito netting

Domes for Haiti is looking for two or three crew members to travel to Haiti with the second phase of this project. This is not a paid position. Airfare might be covered, but it's not a given.
We are looking for Haitian crew members or Haitian Americans. We are looking for a film maker who speaks creole and has been to Haiti many times. Crew will be responsible for on ground logistics, procuring transportation and for assembling the domes on location.
Please email me with your qualifications to be considered for this crew.

I am working on writing a script for a video my friend Dan is going to help me make. Allyse, the photographer sent me a cool little time lapse she made of us assembling the dome. We will use it to promote this project on kickstarter and other places.

I am dreaming up a media event for union square. It would be awesome if someone could find out the details about how to get a permit to build two domes in Union Square for one day. Anyone who has time and wants to volunteer, this is another thing that could be done.

I am watching this unfold and I am curious as to why not more people are throwing down a few bucks to help out.. I wonder if you all are treating this like a spectacle to be spectated upon, or is it something you can participate in in more of an aggressive manner such as giving actual cash money to make it happen. So far, 7 people have donated on paypal, yet 102 people have posted this on facebook. 490 visits to this blog have been tabulated in the last week.


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