Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Can do it = Conduit

Today was a very productive day.

Duncan came to Brooklyn and I took him on a little mini-tour of Bushwick. We visited my friends on the infamous Ferry Boat and he filmed me yakking on the helm of the boat with the glorious New Town Creek in the background. I brought him over to 3rd Ward and he met David Seigel one of the co-conspirators of this project and the shop manager there. He then drove me to this Electrical Supply store in the neighborhood and I bought 36 10' sticks of 1" EMT Electrical Conduit pipe! We then delivered it to 3rd Ward.

When we were on the Ferry boat, I noticed the plethora of electrical conduit pipe that is chaotically scattered in the yard next door. Surely no-one is using that stuff? It's not 1" pipe and some of it is bent, but maybe I should try to scavenge it? I wonder about the strength of that size, i think it is 3/4".

The 360 ft of conduit pipe I bought today cost $234 ! I just noticed that. The guy said he was giving me a "good deal" ??? I should have been paying more attention because when I called up the quote I got was like $5.80 a 10' stick. shit.
We need to raise money! Or use recycled pipe!

I am feeling very good about this project. I know it will be successful. It's a good exercise in patience for me.

I am getting ready to launch a full scale announcement to the world about it.
I think about creating press packages or some sort of flyer to hand out, but I dont want to waste resources. Is that insane? I am sure if I had a team of kids to hit the streets and go into businesses they could raise some money and interest for this project. I am also thinking about making an ad for craigslist to seek volunteers. Also to get written up on the Gothamist and Idealist.org.


  1. How about going on local radio stations? I can spread the word around here....

  2. great idea. i need a couple clones, there is so much work to do!

  3. cover the city network of rods for plants