Sunday, February 28, 2010

conduit pipe!

I am still searching for some way to get the 1" conduit pipe I need donated. In the meantime, I am going to buy enough to make the first prototype with my own money.
Tomorrow I will be picking it up, my friend Jessi is letting me use her car. Yes, car. I'll just strap that shit on the roof. Gotta love ratchet straps.

I am going to be expanding my idea of a three person crew to maybe four so that I can include a Haitian person on the team to act as translator and liason.

I am looking at two orphanages to build domes at :

I am zero-ing in on the organizations I want to link up with.
The website got launched it is here: domes for haiti

I am still looking for space to fabricate the domes with. But I am feeling confidant that it can be done. I am absolutely obsessed with domes right now. I think they are the most amazing structures and there are so many varieties!!!

More earthquakes.... Chile...
Natural disasters are escalating. I am wondering when one is going to hit NYC
I really should put my canoe on the roof in case of flood. Right now it's locked up on the sidewalk in front of my apartment building covered in snow. Not going to do me or anyone alot of good if we get hit with a tsunami, unless i get some scuba diving gear.

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