Wednesday, February 24, 2010

web site and shipping!!

I am so excited. This is becoming a reality. I knew this idea had a life of it's own.
I just got confirmation from the director of AFYA foundation that they can and will definitely 100% send the domes to Haiti in their containers. YES. This is what I was waiting for to know that this is going to become a reality. Thank You Danielle.

I bought a website name. It's nothing is there yet, but my friend G.O. said he would design it for me and host it. I am working on the logo right now.

holy shit, i just looked at a bunch of photos from Haiti and I am crying my face off because what I am seeing is so intense.

If I can help even 50 people by providing shelter that would mean so much to me.


  1. You are a master of the impossible! When you set your mind and heart to something, it happens in a BIG way.

  2. thanks for the encouraging words, Jen. I guess being OCD pays off sometimes. ha ha