Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Everything begins somewhere.

I started thinking about building domes out of recycled materials one day while at work at the Hudson Theater in mid town Manhattan. I'm a stage hand, more specifically, a lighting person. We are called electricians, but that gets confusing when people ask me to wire up their home. I ain't that kind of electrician, though. It was an install for some corporate talent show and they had these giant vinyl backdrops that I knew were likely candidates for a dumpster after the show was struck. They would be sent back to the scenic company that made them and if they were not re-usable, they'd end up in the dumpster for sure. This is common place. The industry is set up in such a way that there is always a rush to strike the set and get rid of the "garbage" Most of this "garbage" is perfectly good reusable wood, plastic and fabric. However, no one has "time" to recycle it so most of it ends up in the land fill.

Building geodesic domes was on my mind alot because I used to live in one and was thinking about making another one to live in on land in Mexico. I had just returned from spending a month in QR, Mexico, dreaming of sustainable living structures.... But that is another story.

I was hit with one of those "holy shit" moments when I had the realization that there were probably enough vinyl backdrops and billboards in Manhattan to house at least 100,000 people. I imagined all the people in Haiti who lost their homes in the earthquake living in geodesic domes with corporate logos turned into a dada-esque pattern above their heads.

This idea wont leave me alone, so I've decided to make a small version of it happen.

My goal is to fabricate ten portable geodesic domes out of recycled vinyl from the theatrical and television industry and electrical conduit pipe as the frame and send them with a team of 3 people to Haiti to find 10 families who need shelter and teach them how to assemble the domes.

I have every reason to believe that this idea has a life of it's own. I believe that there are other people who will like this idea enough to add their big or small part to see it through to completion.

It's a small idea in the face of am enormous problem. It's small enough to chew on, though. Maybe it will grow over time because I have a suspicion that there maybe more disasters on their way....

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