Friday, February 26, 2010

snow blizzard

Brooklyn is covered in white fluffy snow. It's awesome.

I got in a better space about the project yesterday after riding my bike in the snow and speaking with David at 3rd Ward. He had a good idea or two to kick around. I saw Travis and Shira and talking with them really helped too....I find the more people I talk to about it, the more it becomes a solid reality.

I am looking into pricing the project today. I looked at Habitat for Humanity's website and what they are sending as "emergency shelter relief" is ..... well.... you be the judge of it here is the link : Habitat 4 Humanity

If I can't get the conduit pipe for free, but use all volunteer labor and get a space for free, I can still build the domes for less than Habitat for Humanity's little box of duct tape, wire and plastic tarp rescue box. That means I can build semi permanent earthquake and hurricane resistant housing for 50 people for 2,500 bucks. Holy shit.

Why isn't Habitat doing this?

I am looking into utilizing space for fabrication of the covers at a place called the Bushwick Trailer Park. Also I am going to ask Jeremy and Jason at third ward if there is any space for it in any of their buildings....

Duncan canceled our filming today because of the snow.
I'm going to head over to the MTV studios later to bug George about the banners in the windows. They are closing their studios! I am also picking up about 100 pairs of yellow shoes from them. (random factoid)

Greg is almost finished with the website, it needs some tweeking. I have a paypal account on it but have to go to the bank to set up an account to receive the funds with. I already have people who want to contribute.

I am looking into finding a different non profit to serve as an umbrella, one that has more of a history of disaster relief. Any ideas are most welcome.

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