Wednesday, February 24, 2010

heat welder

Who knew that vinyl was so hard to work with? I found out today that the Heat Welder Machine for melting the vinyl together costs like 20 grand or something....

Luckily, I called my old buddy Mitch who I used to work with and he just happens to have a small heat welder he is willing to give to me. It can weld 3ft at a time, the longest strip I will be welding is 8ft, so that should work because he said it is open on both sides. He will deliver it to me next week, so I am hoping that I can find an org that will let me use their space to fabricate the dome covers in. I need a space to have the fabric donations sent to as well.

It's amazing how much work just sending 10 domes to Haiti is proving to be.
Part of me just wants to buy a plane ticket and head down there and help someone else's organization, because it's so much easier. I just really want to do something to help.

It's alot of elements and they are all falling into place, I can see it.

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