Saturday, May 29, 2010

We are currently re-evaluating our fabric options for the dome covers to find an environmentally friendly and non-toxic alternative to PVC vinyl. The fabric needs to be completely waterproof and super strong for maximum wind resistance.

Please email me at info@domes for haiti dot org if you have any helpful suggestions along these lines.

We are also open to alternative methods of covering the domes. We'd like to find a local to Haiti resource to utilize.

The nature of this project is adaptation. As we discover new information, we adapt our vision to accommodate the best possible solutions.

We feel that utilizing PVC vinyl fabric does not keep with our environmental global consciousness. We would not want to bring more PVC into Haiti, which apparently is already rampant with this toxic, off gassing plastic.

Thanks to Jamie at 3rd Ward for pointing out this information to me.

We will take the best option for a fabric covering that is environmentally sound.

In other news, Save the Date! We are having a HUGE benefit for Domes for Haiti.
If we raise enough money to finish our domes, we will be using any surplus cash to bring into Haiti to hire people to prep sites. We would also love to help our partners, Grassroots United to pay shipping on an awesome converted school bus they have waiting in Miami to be shipped to PaP. The school bus is full of tools, shelters and needed supplies.
We are still searching for a SAILBOAT leaving from Miami in a few weeks to Jacmel.
Or other alternative means of shipping.

You are invited to: Beauty + Ruin

Saturday, June 5th at a Secret Location in Brooklyn. An exploration of art and performance within a broken landscape of geodesic structures, rag-tag lounges and out-sized sound-systems. We were originally planning on hosting this party this weekend, but as the performer list grew along with the excitement around it, we decided to move it to a better night with a bigger space. Expect a classic loft event featuring 13,000sqft. of live music, fire art, dangling beauties and cheap liquor. This is the first full-on Danger event in months, and the last for a while to come...
Full details will be released next week. All proceeds from this party will go to Domes for Haiti, building housing for victims of the Haiti earthquake.

check here after wed for details!!

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