Thursday, May 13, 2010

Good News

Haitians live in a tent city near the airport in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
(UN Photo/Marco Dormino)

I just received an email that I am really very happy about!

Dear Lopi,
Thank you for submitting an application to the BWB Grant Program.
The Advisory Council was very impressed with your project, and we would like to offer you a partial award of $800.00.
But beyond this, we would like to work with you to help raise awareness about the work you are doing by continuing to post your project on the BWB website. Hopefully this will help inspire people to get involved and raise the money you need to make your project a success.
Thank you for the leadership you are bringing to your community.


Carmen Mauk
Executive Director
Burners Without Borders

Thank You, Carmen and everyone else on the Advisory Council. Thanks for supporting the work we are doing!

Along with the money from the new DOMES FOR HAITI COMPILATION on Band Camp!!
(that brought in $260 so far in just 24 hours) Keep it coming!!

Our current grand total is: $4845.55

<a href="">An Observation of the Extreme Lightness of Being by Domes for Haiti</a>

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