Thursday, May 6, 2010


I got word back from Eide Industries, Inc.
They can get it done in 10 days for an additional $2900 to pay OT to their workers.
So that puts our current total at $11,295 + $2900+ $2000 for shipping = $16,195

We'd like to send some tools with each dome. For $1000 more I can send a good set of tools with each dome kit. That tool kit includes a shovel, a posthole digger, a metal rake, sledgehammer, pick axe and 2 adjustable wrenches.

Total to finish dome kits plus tools is $17,195.00

We currently have approx $3000. We will need a little cash on hand when we get there to hire Haitian workers to prep the dome sites.

If someone out there is reading this and might be thinking about donating a large amount of money, please do. If you want you can pay the manufacturer directly. Please contact me, Lopi at and I will send you my phone number so you can ask me any questions you like. I will meet you in person. You are welcome to ask me any question you may have about our plan to bring shelter to Haiti.


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