Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday after noon a group of us assembled one of the domes on the roof of the Bushwick Print Lab. It was a gorgeous day, perfect weather for building domes!! Thanks to everyone who showed up!!

Brooklyn News 12 came and interviewed a couple of us and filmed the process.
I dont have a link to their story yet, still waiting to hear back, but they aired the story twice yesterday!

JJ took probably 1000 photos, for us to make an animation with! Right now, all I have is a few that I took with my camera..... I will share the rest when I get them.

Brookyn loves You.

These simple objects can build a strong sturdy shelter in under 2 hours.

We are working diligently to raise the money to finish our project.
If we had the money a month ago we could already be housing kids in Haiti.
We are on stand by until we receive sufficient funds.
Please donate generously to our project.
If you would like to host a benefit in your community, please contact me at
If you'd like to set up a tool drive in your community please do!! The list of tools we are hoping to bring is a few posts back, take a look!
We are dreaming up ways to raise the money we need to complete this project.
Current total we've collected is just under $5K
We need at least $15K more!!!

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