Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bike Fetish Day

We put a dome up on the street in Williamsburg for the Bike Fetish Day. It went up in 45 minutes with 5 people. I made a swing and we brought tee shirts, scarfs and Buckminster Fuller Books to sell to raise some money and spread the word about this project to try to find groups interested in doing fundraising for this project.
I updated the budget today to reflect the current totals;
Total Budget: $44,714
In Kind donations: $20,227
Online donations: $3,806
Benefit Events:$1,333
Grants: $800
Total Raised to date: $5,939
Total Needed to Complete Project: $18,548

bike fetish day was super fun. we got to see alot of bikes.

People had fun climbing on the dome.

Robyn won a new bike!

adorable children climbed on the dome.......

matching pink dresses are the new black

i had fun sewing the edges of the teeshirts with a serger at the House of Yes Make Fun Studios. I made the silkscreens at Bushwick Print Lab (which is actually in Queens, ha ha)

Brett was being very responsible.

When he wasn't too busy doing head stands on the top of the dome..

The Dome went down even faster than it went up! We had so many volunteers to help. Arielle, Lauren, Brett, and a bunch of other random people helped us take it down. Later Renee Renata showed up in her truck with a bunch of elves dressed in crazy costumes who helped us load all the gear into her truck to take it back to 3rd Ward, where they were having their 4th Birthday party.

This week I will be sending the dome frame to the manufacturer so that they can commence fabrication of the dome covers. I spoke with the sales rep and he told me it was ok that I didn't have all the money, he would go ahead and start making the domes if I gave him $5K which is a little less than 50% of the total cost. So, I am going to the bank tomorro to deposit the checks I have from our fiscal sponsor, NAA, and from Burners without Borders, and from a few private individuals... I have all the cash, as well, from the benefits we held.

It's exciting to be taking this step. After I send off this first payment, I hope you all will be generous in your support because we are going to need to raise $6,928 to pay COD for the dome covers. That does not include shipping which I have estimated will cost $600 for all the covers to be sent either to Miami or NYC.

Domes for Haiti needs to raise $18,548

We are still trying to locate an alternate shipping arrangement out of Miami to shorten the time until we can arrive on the ground in Haiti with ten geodesic domes to deliver.

If anyone knows of anyone at all that might have a cargo plane that has room for some shelters, we are looking for them. Please send any and all leads to me at

The length of time it has to beat is 18 days. That is how long it takes from Yonkers. We have been generously offered free shipping by the AFYA Foundation which is located in Yonkers.
We appreciate their support, but we'd rather get it there in 2 days from Miami if possible.

We are also looking for installation artists to participate in the upcoming huge
benefit party for DOMES FOR HAITI at 3rd Ward on the 5th of June

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