Wednesday, May 12, 2010

World Vision photos

I am sometimes totally blown away by the generosity of the human spirit. It hit me yesterday when I was checking the totals for our donation paypal and found a $500 contribution from a person I have never met who lives on the other side of the country. This person, an artist much like me and many of my friends, probably doesn't have tons of money, yet he found it compelling enough to donate generously. It just hit me in the heart in just the right way, you know that feeling of gratitude that brings the water to your eyes. Thanks, Alan. And everyone else, even a $10 contribution helps!! Thank You Thank You THANK YOU!!!

I can't thank you people enough for your generosity and support for the kids in Haiti. The urgency of the situation is not going away, only getting more intense.
A friend pointed out to me last night that they will still need the domes next year, which is true, but the effectiveness of this project is really tied into a urgency because of the impending hurricane season. If we can up the trickle of donations to a flood to match the rains in Haiti, that would be AMAZING!

I welcome anyone to host a benefit for this project in their town. Please contact me at to discuss details if you are thinking that would be fun for your community to participate in.

Our current GRAND TOTAL of All Donations from the benefits, art auction, checks in the mail and paypal donations is..... tootsie roll please................


we need $11,215 more. just sayin' donate today


  1. add 32.99 to the running tally, I just got two more donations on the paypal machine.

  2. Hey I can help you. I can't find an email link on this page but you should email me at
    I recently designed a portable geodesic hospital unit (for Haiti) with a non-profit in California and I've been studying simplified methods of creating geodesic structures. I also just did a project with a local university to generate long term rebuilding solutions for Haiti. And I'm friends with most of the artists on the comp cd, which is dope by the way. Good work! Lets talk!

  3. All the thanks go to Little John. Big UPS
    keep an eye out, i am sending an email to you now...........

  4. Um, I think the trickle just turned into a steady rain. Can we make it flood, people? Yea, bring it on!!!!! we can do this!!!

  5. $174 and counting... keep it steady on...