Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Struts All Packed Up and Ready to GO!

Yesterday we completed a major task. John Laidman from Laidman Fabrication in Greenpoint Brooklyn delivered the struts for us to pack up. John's company donated the labor to fabricate the metal for this project. Thanks John! It's businesses like his that care about doing more than just making money that are making this project possible. A rare individual, I wish there were more people in business like John who would be willing to stop their normal production at a loss to do a good deed. Thanks to all the shop guys, Kenny and all the rest who donated their time to making the struts!

John delivered the finished struts to the loading dock at 3rd Ward, where we had set up a little dome packing factory for the day.

john and brett

Brett showed up and we got right to work, sorting out the struts to pack them up.

Olivia came to help pack it up

JJ & Ryan O'Connor came and did the pack it up.....

We counted out 35 longs and 30 shorts, shrink wrapped them in ten dome kits and piled them up on two palettes, ready to go.

Thanks to the pack it up crew. You really know how to ratchet strap a strut bundle.

This was a huge accomplishment. We now are totally set with the dome frames. This represents a major in kind donation. The metal was all donated by Turtle & Hughes at a value of $2,000 not including delivery. The fabrication would have cost $7,000
Thank you, so much for the generous support of our project.

I am currently hard at work trying to locate one manufacturer that will agree to fabricate the dome covers for our domes in a swift and timely manner. We need funding to get this done. Bare bones we need $7,000. To send tools with each kit we need an additional $1000
To bring money to hire Haitian workers to prep sites we need $5000. We'd be in awesome shape with $13,000. Not a huge sum. We can do it, with your help.

If you donate $100, you will be housing one orphan. For $1000 you can house 10.
Please spread the word, please donate generously to our project!!

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