Friday, May 21, 2010


This is a call for artist participation in the last big Danger party being held at 3rd Ward.

This particular huge amazing & dangerous party is going to be a benefit for Domes For Haiti.

We are looking for a few solo artists to do an intervention on the second floor of 3rd Ward. Party date is June 5th. There will be marching bands, dj's bbq, booze, ariel performances and DOMES. Yes, you guessed it, geodesic.

We have a budget to support the installation artists in their endeavors. Keep in mind, its a benefit, so we encourage your generosity in order to make this party truly spectacular.

Three 17' domes will be erected in the space. We are looking for installations for these domes in the theme of Home, Shelter, Debris, Safety, Hurricane, Mud, Scavenging, Flood, Survival amidst chaos, etc etc,
you get the idea...
We are looking for artist's interpretation of this theme as installations inside of or on top of the domes.
Literally, anything, pretty much anything, goes. This is the last blow out in that space!!

We are looking for crew, people to help set up and for strike, you will be richly rewarded. Contact me at with installation proposals and if you are interested in joining us in making this party a dome extravaganza to remember.

This is an open call. Everyone is welcome to participate.

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