Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Global Support For Haiti NOW

We need very little money in the larger scheme of things. The Red Cross could easily throw us the crumbs from their banquet they are eating at the expense of the Haitian People. The mere crumbs from their plate could provide us with all the funding we need to do this very small project.

We are dreaming of a world where people share their resources so that all can live a dignified life without peril. We are dreaming of a world where people reach across national borders to assist other people in times of trouble.
We are dreaming of a way to raise this money. We have ideas. Some of our ideas are ridiculous, but that is how we deal with the stress. We make ourselves laugh at the absurdity of our hair brained ideas. Then, when we are done laughing, we go back to work, hammering out emails, calling strangers asking for favors. Not knowing how we will get the money together to pay the manufacturer to make the covers to shelter the kids. I tried to inspire the guy, the manufacturer to lower the price. He said a tax write off doesnt amount to much. I asked him to think about other non monetary rewards one receives from simply giving without thinking about receiving.

I guess that is what is really getting to me here. Unconditional love. That is what it takes. I dont know these kids in Haiti yet. I hope I can make their lives suck less. I just want to do something good before I die. If you can relate to anything I am saying, please donate today! or Yesterday if you have a time machine handy.

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