Monday, May 10, 2010

Domes for Haiti is so close to completing our goal to send ten domes to Haiti to shelter orphans. We have all of the struts needed to assemble ten domes completed and packed and stacked on palettes waiting to be shipped to Haiti. The project is on hold until we can receive the funding nessesary to complete the domes. They need covers to be completed. Our goal is to send along with ten domes, a tool kit consisting of a shovel, post hole digger, sledgehammer, pick axe, metal rake and two adjustable wrenches. We are also committed to hiring Haitian workers at a living wage to prep sites to build the domes on.

We are looking for Haiti based organizations to collaborate with and benefit. We would like to partner with like minded orgs in Haiti to raise the needed funds to get these shelters where they are needed in a timely manner.

The official amount of money we need to complete these goals is as follows:

Dome Covers = $14,195 plus shipping. Upon receipt of 50% of this total, our manufacturer, Eide Industries, will commence fabrication of the covers. They need 10 days to complete the covers.

Tools= 876$ will buy ten sets of the tools listed above at cost from Ace Hardare, Pintchik on Flatbush Ave

Labor= $3600 When we arrive in Haiti, we will be hiring a truck driver, a translator and workers to prep sites. We need cash on hand to support the economy in Haiti.

Please donate generously to our efforts. You can choose to donate directly to our project through clicking the "buy now" button or you can donate through our fiscal sponsor and receive a tax write off by clicking the "donate" button. Virtually all of the money collected will go to fulfilling the above costs. We are an all volunteer organization.

thanks for your support!!

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