Thursday, September 23, 2010


I went this morning to visit Pastor Joseph's orphanage. It is in a bad way. I brought them a 5 gallon bucket of organic peanut butter, a gallon of dr. bronner's soap and a soccer ball. I bought them a 50 gallon barrel to use to catch the rainwater that keeps flooding their shelter, so that they can catch the rain and use it for washing. I checked out the site, took measurements and I believe the dome can be built right under their existing structure. It will be perfect for shade so the dome is not so hot. The site needs too much work to be done in a day and a half. I am meeting with Dave tonight to go over plans for his crew to build the last dome. I will give him money for the rubble and to pay the crew and show him how to build the dome. I can't do it and do it right in the time I have left here. He is excited to build it because he already has a relationship with the orphanage and has an interest in improving their situation.

Yesterday my friend Badio took me to meet a shoe maker. He was not home, but I met his son. Today after I visited with Joseph, I went by Vie De France to pick up some of the leather I brought in from Brooklyn. I took it to the shoemaker and gave it to him. He was asking me in creole, "how much?" and I said "zero" and ou bezwen? wi mwe bezwen he said.
I think he is making me some sandals. I need to go pick up the rest and carry it to him.
My job right now is super fun. I get to give things to people. What a fun job!

I was walking after the shoemaker scene and this lady shouted out her front porch at me. "My Blan!" they call me "my white!' i stopped and said to her "mwe pa blan" and "mwe chan" which means I am not white i am tan. She really thought that was funny. She repeated me with gusto and soon we were both enthusiastically shouting "mwe chan!" at the top of our lungs. A few minutes later someone said "how are you?" to me and I turned and there was a very tall, very black young man walking next to me. He had a deep scar on his left cheek. He said in English, "what i need from you is a verse" I said "you need a verse? you mean you want a poem?" he said yes. I said to him "this is the first time anyone has asked me for a poem!" and "Everyone just asks for money and things" I talked with this guy, whose name, it turns out is "cool dog" and he is a rapper. I interviewed him with my little camera and then he spit a rhyme for me.
He loves snoop dog and I told him I met him before and then he said "please blow me up"

The building of the last dome is in good hands.

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