Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So, yesterday we were told by the Madame that we should "call her" at 11am to find out if the Minister of Finance would approve my customs paperwork or dossier as they call it. We called at 11am and were told to call back at 1pm. We called at 1pm and were told that she was too busy today to sign anything or send it to the duone or whatever it is that is required. She told us to call back. This kept up all day until around 3 she told us that we could come to the Ministry in the morning and pick her up and she would bring our dossier to the duone (aka customs) for the final approval. Allegedly we will be getting our shipment out of prison in the warehouse tomorrow. I say allegedly because I have had my hopes bolstered so many times only to be popped like a silly red balloon bouncing along happily suddenly turned into a useless red rubber bit. I've adopted Les's saying "I'll believe it when I see it"

I could explain all the steps I've been made to go through, but it would be hella tedious. It's bad enough to be made to go through tedium without repeating it blow by blow for a reading audience. No offense to anyone reading this. I am sure you are chomping at the bit to read a blow by blow of tedium and tweedledee but I, dear reader, am going to have to disappoint you this time.

I will surely let you know when I get my domes there freedome.

In the meantime, go do something for a stranger, and enjoy the ease with which you were able to help them. It's so easy!!

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