Monday, June 7, 2010

A random collection of images from the last week.......
the build up to the event mixed in with some shots from the event.

Joe: Mac Catty

We built out 3 main 17ft domes with three different themes. Waterfall, Storm & Home.
Smaller installations included a campfire, Ballroom Dress, Play, Bedouin and a shack.

Waterfall Dome

Water fall: Arielle Bier

Storm Dome

Storm: Olivia Katz + Brett Hurley Lord

Home Dome:

Home: Lopi LaRoe

Billz Billz Billz Dome

Anna Ialeggio + Lopi LaRoe



Lopi, Ryan O'Connor + David Siegel

Ryan Celery O'Connor as Beezelbub

Pelican in the Oil by Anya Sapozhnikova

Joe G

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this effort.
Stay tuned for exciting adventures to come!

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