Monday, June 7, 2010

Danger Party

Our Event last night was a huge success with 1000 + people in attendance.

The installation came out amazing, we finished it all in time with a modicum of stress and everyone there had a great time, enjoying everything from Haitian Dance to swinging on a swing made out of a giant ball of shredded paper inside a mini dome covered with ballgowns

Thanks to the generous support of the entire community, we were able to raise over $20.000 in one glorious night of art. music and performance.

Special thanks to Will Etundi, the Danger, Jason Goodman & 3rd Ward

We could not have done it without the amazing energy of the build crew:

Arielle Bier, Olivia Katz, Lopi LaRoe, Brett Hurley Lord, David Seigel, Anna Ialeggio, Jackie, KT and Ryan O'Connor.

The event ran smoothly thanks to the experienced crew who ran the bar, the door and the music all who generously donated their time to the benefit. Kevin Baltick, Jeff Stark and Taylor Kuffner, thanks so much!

Special shout out to Dan Glass for the 626 Roving Sangria Pump proceeds.

Thanks to the girls in the Band of Bicycles Amperstand who served up delicious bike blended drinks all night! We Amperstand you!

Thanks to the DJ's for playing. Thanks to the performers who made time in their busy weekend schedules to play, dance, climb in the name of raising money for shelter for Haiti.

Shout out to Anya Spanakopita for her portrayal of a pelican stuck in an oil well.

Check back tomorrow for photos! We have a big week ahead, things are going to be moving quickly now.

Thank you to all who have helped this project along the way, every single act of participation contributed to a greater whole which has now launched this project into it's second phase of operation: HAITI.

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! Thank you for everything Lopi! This was a magical night not only for our community, but the community we are going to build in Haiti!!