Friday, June 4, 2010

Benefit For Domes For Haiti

This Saturday you are invited to: Beauty + Ruin

a benefit for Domes For Haiti

Arrive after 9pm, stay until sunrise...
Details and Map:

This weekend you will find yourself in the aftermath. Two-dozen artists have built a landscape of beauty and ruin within large geodesic domes, ragged tents and hidden lounges. It starts with an intimate conversation in the corner of an army-tent turned Bedouin hide-away, continues on the dance-floor pressed against the bouncing crowd and Brooklyn's brashest march bands, then finishes with a drink, a whisper and the sunrise slipping through windows. This event is about building the best we can out of the little we have.

The Music:

Mikerline Afro-Haitian Dance + Drum Troupe : The feverish intensity of their performance is built on the deep cultural history of Haiti and the legends born from it.

The Rude Mechanical Orchestra : Mix a slew of drums with a bunch of brass then toss in a fire-cracker and you have the sound and movement of the Rude Mechanical Orchestra.

The Hungry March Band : This is one of New York City's legendary march bands. For a decade they've played the streets, warehouses and concert halls of our town and toured the world several times over. Their sweaty, classic sound captures the soul of this city in all its beauty and ruin.

dj Kiva : One of the kings of The Dub Stop, he will be bringing his patented stutta-step sound that brings together the best of hip-hop to jump-up in a way that is guaranteed to move you.

Cumba Mela : A dj trio that explores the boundless world of global bass music from tribal house to Balkan brass to electro and deeper...

Junglez : Explores the deep side of dubstep and the science of broken beats.

The Stellar Chic Duo : Arrive early to experience the experimental live composition mashing exotica with space age lounge in a new performance that must be heard.

dj Zemi 17 : The late night crowd favorite brings in the sunrise with intimate techno and his self-branded space hause. For the past few years Zemi has been the resident dj at TheDanger events. Too many times we have planned on going home just after 7am but the sound of Zemi 17 and the energy of the crowd wouldn't let it happen. But then, the dance floor at 9:19am is Brooklyn at it's best.

Plus mischief, fire and overhead performance by Anya Sapozhnikova, Brett Hurley Lord, Tajna Tanovic, Kae Burke and the 626 Roving Sangria Pump (wait for it...)

The Beauty + Ruin:

Explore five geodesic domes built into living art installations themed: Waterfall, Storm, Play, Home and Survive. Each will be a world unto itself with light and fire, water and magic. Smaller installations will complete the articulation of ruin across the 13,000sqft. expanse of this deep Brooklyn loft. Lopi LaRoe, Arielle Bier, Olivia Katz, Anna Ialeggio, David Siegel, Ryan O'Connor, Deb Yoon, the House of Collections, William Jackson Etundi Jr., Lord, Jordan, Mark Krawczuk, Band of Bicycles and many more... Also, Swoon, Tod Seelie and Ben Wolf are putting together a show of stand-out art sold to benefit their Haiti Shelter project:

Drinks will be cheap, the night will be full and the fire will be real...

All this and more at:
195 Morgan Ave.
East Williamsburg / Bushwick Brooklyn
3rd Ward Brooklyn has graciously put off construction on their new second floor art spaces in order to host this fundraising event. 3rd Ward is full of heroes.

Take the L train to Morgan Ave. and walk North.

$15 before 11:30pm : $20 after : Strictly 21+

Map & Details:

Dress in your best rag-tag formal wear. Pull out that dusty ill-fitting tuxedo or the prom dress you burned to erase the memory then saved because even burned memories are better than nothing at all. And don't forget the flower in your lapel.

Every once in a while a cause comes along that pulls out the best in people. The devastation being experienced by the Haitian people after the earthquake is not resolved or over. A local artist has taken it upon herself to bring hurricane resistant, semi permanent shelter to Haiti for 100 kids this year. A gift from Brooklyn to Haiti. For more information on the project this party is benefiting see: for inquiries about how you can help this effort please contact Lopi at

For more information on why the need is still so urgent see:

"Real Wealth is Ideas Plus Energy." Buckminster Fuller

a little more poetical description for your reading pleasure:

The aftermath of disaster, where nature has had the upper hand and thrown the "normal" world upside down. where the impossible comes true. Ordinary household objects find themselves mid air, sofas have their springs exposed, extremely heavy objects are wedged in unlikely balance, machines are having dialogues with themselves about machine thoughts, dysfunctionally spinning tales no one hears, logs, rocks, dirt are mixed with books, pots and pans, random shoes, hats, clothing finds their way into tree tops, wall paper is peeling, bark is imbeded into a computer screen, random chaos starts to make a crazy sort of sense. feel the preciousness of life and the ridiculousness of clinging to material possessions. Observe the wisdom of the natural world and it's ability to reclaim every man made object.

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