Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Be sure to come to the Happy Hour for Domes for Haiti this Thursday night!
For those of you who live in Manhattan, it's a hop a skip and a jump. For those of us who live in Brooklyn, It's more of a hop, skip and Leap, but I promise you, it will be well worth the extra leg power it takes to get you there. The Hudson River is a lovely place to watch the sunset.
It will be held at the Boat Basin at 79th Street and the Hudson starting at 5pm and going until later.......
Thanks to the folks at IgNYte for their fundraising work for our project!

In other news..... I have been hard at work, scouting out crew for the second phase of this project, bringing the domes to Haiti and building them! I have great news, I have my first crew member and she's a winner, folks! It's the infamous KARA BLOSSOM!!! If you dont know her, she has "built some things". This woman is talented, smart and full of vim and vigor. I am super excited to have her join the project. She has been working on the ANDES SPROUTS artist residency project in the Catskills. She was with the swimming cities of serinissima project last year in Venice, Italy. She was an intrinsic part of the building crew. She is very knowledgeable about all things built as well as a three time survivor of hurricanes. She grew up on an island off the coast of Florida, so Haiti is literally just a hop, skip and oil slick jump away for her.

The other crew member will be revealed in a couple days. She is hard at work on a farm in Northern California and I am totally excited to have her exuberant and capable energy on the team. Check back in a couple days for her unveiling!!

To Be Moore in Colorado! He is hosting a screening of Poto Mitan: Women Pillars of Haiti thanks to Renee Renata
and the Yes Men fix the World as a benefit for Domes for Haiti!
If you live in Colorado, some town called Grand Function or Junction or Junction Function or something or other. It's a great town, they have cool graffiti in on at least one wall. don't ask me how I know that. :}

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