Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wishes are Fishes

here is our current wish list:

100 - 200 nice organic cotton teeshirts to print our logo on to to sell to raise money
Video artist - to utilize some time lapse photos we have to make a short video with
Tensile Manufacturers to make the dome skins
A large metal fabrication shop to machine 10,500 ft of conduit pipe into struts for 30 domes (we've got the first batch of ten in the works, should be done end of next week)
Earth bags for waterproofing the base of the domes
Organizers to do benefit shows
Tools, refer to side bar for complete list of wanted tools
A truck
A heavy duty dirt tamper

thanks y'all for all of your amazing contributions, both past and future.


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  2. I'm not familiar with the "fluttering fabric problem" it's not one I have or am trying to solve. However, I do wish you'd stop using my web blog to promote your work.