Friday, April 30, 2010

Photos from the Art Auction

This is Dilan, he worked really hard from the time he arrived before the event started to the very end when we were packing up the art to go home.

The show last night was awesome, everyone who attended had a fabulous time. We made 450$ at the door + merch and $755 in the art auction, which we still have to collect the bulk of from the winning bidders. There were quite a few very generous people there who bought art. One of my paintings sold, a bunch of Tod Seelie's photos sold, Serra Bothwell Fels did rather well, Katelan Fosley, Kevin Caplicki and Ben Mortimer all sold works. We are grateful to all the artists who showed their work and we shared some of the proceeds with the artists to support them as well. Including the generous donations on both paypal sites Domes for Haiti currently has $3,030. Bit by bit we will reach the goal. Konbit. .
The only thing stopping us now is lack of money. We have manufacturer's on stand by to fabricate all ten dome covers. We have the completed metal frames for ten domes ready to go in a couple days from now. We need $10,000 to complete the covers. We need approx $1,000 to buy tools to send with each dome kit. People need tools to rebuild communities.
We'd also like to bring some money with us to hire Haitian workers to prep building sites for the domes as well as pay for transport. We are looking of donations of non perishable foods such as peanut butter, honey and rice cakes. We would love to bring some clothes to the kids in Port Au Prince, we'd love to bring beds and school supplies. Any and all of these donated goods we promise we can deliver them to the kids that need them.

Rachel Sage performed. She even dedicated a song to me.

Brett and Dan both entertained the audience with wonderful performances.

Zito brought a huge painting of a mexican wrestling house wife vacuuming. It was awesome.

We had so much amazing work on display. Our community is full of very talented artists and creative builders.

I had a rapt audience. That is, after I rapped them upside the head.
Just kidding. People were very supportive of the project.

I have to tell you, dear readers, that I was recently informed by a confidential dome manufacturing company owner that he has two domes in Miami, in a storage locker, ready to be shipped to Haiti tomorrow. He is willing to give me a significant break on the price of the domes. They are both huge domes, could be used for a school, a field hospital or a orphanage for about 50 kids each. One is 20' diameter, the other is a 24' dome. He will sell them both to me for a total of $8,000.

AGAIN it's the money stopping me from flying in the face of the hurricanes and saving a whole bunch of kids from harms way.

I am not going to make this money by selling tee shirts, thanks to all of you who bought them last night, but I need serious funding.

I just received my weekly report from the fiscal sponsor who sends me all the info on who is donating and how much. Our current total on their paypal is $1250. One of the donors listed in the report was Joni Mitchell. Thanks, Joni.

I spoke at length the other day via gmail chat with a photo journalist name Jeremy Dupin who is working for Algazeera and is in Haiti now. He told me about some of his friends in Port Au Prince who took in 24 kids off the street. They are living under a makeshift shelter of sticks and bed sheets. They have no beds. They need food, clothes and school supplies. Think of what gives dignity to a human life. Is is shelter? A bed? Food?? Decent clothes? Learning?
What would your life be like without access to any one of these things? What would your day be like if you hadn't slept the night before, not because you were out partying all night but because you couldn't lay down because the ground was flooded with water and mud.
Now put yourself into the shoes of a child, a kid in Haiti who may have lost their parents in the earthquake. Maybe they saw them die and couldn't help them. Now they are barely living themselves and depending on the kindness of strangers to even get a crumb to eat.

Not a pretty picture, right? Can you take just a little hit on your monthly budget to send 100 bucks to these kids? We have virtually no bureaucratic waste in this project. I am not a bureaucratic type person. I dont have alot of use for bureaucracy. I promise you that if you donate your hard earned cash to this project, that it will go to Haiti in the form of good solid shelter for some kids and some tools for their parents to build with.

Does anyone reading this blog work in a health food store or a food co-op? Do you think you could talk them into donating some 5 gallon buckets of peanut butter and honey and rice cakes to the kids in Port Au Prince? How about some summer clothes?

I am totally baffled by the Red Cross. Who are they helping besides themselves???
There are people living in a tent city right across the street from their headquarters in PaP.
The people interviewed at that tent city have not seen one drop of help from the Red Cross.

It's up to us. We have to step in. People helping people. This is Konbit.

Please donate today.

Thank You.

Photo Credits: Rachel Eisley

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