Sunday, April 11, 2010

this is the layout for gluing
we've been gluing for days...

not enough sleep
this is a window


we took the dome down to move it to 3rd Ward where we will be showing it as part of an event that is happening there on the 17th. Details soon!

I changed the pattern and am now shopping it around to find someone to manufacture 10 domes. The struts will be ready probably in a week. I will find out tomorrow the date of completion for that so I can announce it on here to get a bunch of volunteers to come help sort, color code and package the dome struts. Please email me if you want to help!

I will be visiting a factory in the brooklyn navy yards tomorrow to check out the machines and meet some people that maybe are going to be able to help us complete this phase of the project.

I still have no funding for this project. I haven't had time to write any grants. I have two people who said they are organizing fundraisers. My friend Jessi Klein is having an event on the 17th at 3rd Ward. They are going to give Domes For Haiti 10% of the bar after they make 6,000 bucks. That is what I am looking at for funding. Pretty spotty, at best.

If you have been following this project and would like to help make it succeed, please email me. I am exhausted. I need your help.

thanks for reading

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