Sunday, May 6, 2012

Haiti Calling

Here it is, more than two years since I was in Haiti. I found out that one of the domes that I built in Haiti is in need of a new dome cover. The orphanage Mother, Judy, contacted me and let me know that the cover is destroyed. The rains are heavy and the kids need shelter.
Things are complicated. I disavowed paypal because their politics are horrendous. So I don't have a means to accept donations presently. But I am considering taking up a collection to purchase a new cover for Judy's kids.
Then I heard that GRU, now called Haiti Communitare
had a devastating fire 3 days ago where they lost their community workshop and all their tools.
Another friend told me yesterday that she is headed to Haiti in June to work on this project called Konbit Shelter.
Then, yet another sign, my dear friend Aldy, who I met in Haiti, is in Brooklyn where I live!

I think Haiti is calling me. I think perhaps She is calling you too.
please comment if you would be willing to help buy a new dome cover for Judy.
Or donate some tools for Haiti Communitare.
I will set up a wepay donation site for it and see what happens.

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